Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal Gowns

Do I need to set up an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

An appointment is not required but highly recommended, especially for large parties. We want to make sure we have space and a sales consultant to accommodate your group. Please call us at (605)348-8816 to schedule an appointment.

Can I schedule an after-hours appointment?

Yes you may but it depends on the day and time you want to come in. There is an additional charge of $50-$150 for an after-hours appointment that can be used towards your purchase.

How long does it take to order a bridal gown?

It depends. If the company has the dress in stock in the right size and color it could ship right away. Otherwise dresses often take up to 6 months from when they are ordered to when in arrives to our store. Ideally you should order a dress 9 months or more before your wedding so there is time for alterations.
Another option is to buy our in-stock gown if it is close to fitting you.

Do I have to take my bridal gown home after I purchase it?

No, Audra’s Bridal is happy to store your dress up until your wedding date.

Does Audra’s Bridal rent bridal gowns?


Does Audra’s Bridal buy used bridal gowns?



When do I need to start alterations?

We typically recommend 12 weeks before the wedding but depending on where you live we will try out best to work with your schedule. Often a person needs a total of 3 alterations appointments. Call ahead to schedule alterations appointments our seamstress books up fast!

When is the seamstress available for alterations?

Alterations appointments are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons.

Do you alter gowns not purchased at your store?

Usually not, our seamstress has fully booked with our customers but if you call our store we would be happy to recommend other local seamstresses.


How long does it take to order a bridesmaid dress?

Bridesmaid dresses can take up to 4 months to arrive once we have placed the order. We recommend ordering bridesmaids dresses at least 6 months before the wedding so that there is time for alterations.

What does your store to order a bridesmaids dress?

We need half down on the dress and her measurements (chest, waist, and hip).

Why am I in a much larger size than I normally wear?

Bridal sizing runs incredibly small. Usually you are at least 1 to 2 sizes smaller in bridal. It is best to get the size based on your largest measurement because taking a dress in is much easier (and possible) than letting a dress out. Also, please get professionally measured.

What should I do if my bridesmaids live all over the country?

Bridesmaids are able to call in their measurements and deposits. We are also able to ship a bridesmaid her dress if she would prefer to get it altered locally. All bridesmaid’s dresses should be ordered through the same store because the dye color could vary if the fabric was dyed on different days.

Do my bridesmaids get a discount if I purchased my bridal gown through your store?

Typically yes but measurements and deposits must be in by a certain date in order to receive the discount.

My bridesmaid just found out she is pregnant, what do I do?

This happens all the time. If we have already ordered the dress in the bridesmaid’s regular size we will let it out all the way and possibly have to put in a corset (lace-up) back. If we haven’t ordered the dress yet a bridal consultant can go over what the best sizing option would be with your bridesmaid.


Do I need to set up an appointment to look at suit/tux options?

An appointment is not required but if you plan on coming in to look on a Saturday it would be a good idea to schedule a tux appointment so we can plan on having a sales associate available to help you.

What information do you need in order to rent tuxedos?

For each person renting we need all of his tux measurements and a deposit of $40.

What if my groomsmen don’t live locally?

Please have your groomsmen get professionally measured and then they can call in with measurements and deposit.

Can I just rent a few parts of the tuxedo?

Yes, each item can be rented separately.

Is there a discount if my bride purchased her gown from Audra’s?

Typically yes, it just depends on what you are renting, how many people are in your wedding party, and time of year.

Can I purchase the tux/suit?

We do have suits available for purchase but we would need everyone in the wedding party to put half down on his suit and to have all measurements in 3-4 months before the wedding so there is enough time to get them ordered.